Securities transactions at the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange last week amount to 16.5 million som


Last week, from September 2 to 6, 15 securities transactions of 8 companies were registered in the trading system of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange. The amount of transactions following the results of the bidding amounted to 16.5 million som, according to the website of the exchange.

Growth was observed in all sectors, with the exception of bonds on the secondary market, the volume of which decreased by 42%. The largest impact was made by the deal on the placement of ordinary shares of Yuzhvodstroy, which occupied 78% of the weekly trading volume.

7 transactions, including one deal with shares and six with corporate bonds, worth 13 million som were registered in the primary market.

The placement of ordinary shares of the third issue of Yuzhvodstroy was fixed at a price of 305.21 som per share. The volume of the transaction amounted to 12.1 million som. Bonds in the sector were placed by two companies, Salym Finance for 0.1 million som, and Pervaya metallobaza for 0.7 million som.

In the section of the secondary market, 8 transactions for 3.5 million som were registered. 45% of the sector’s trading volume accounted for the transaction with corporate bonds of Ishan Oryks for 1.6 million som. Also, a transaction with ordinary shares of Keldike for 1 million som was registered, the share price amounted to 1 thousand som.

Transactions with securities of strategic companies are represented by shares of Severelectro, which decreased by 0.05 som, and Kyrgyzneftegaz with an increase by 1.16 som, totalling 0.4 million som. In addition, one transaction in the sector was conducted with ordinary shares of Financial company of credit unions, with an increase in price by 0.05 som, in the amount of 0.5 million som at a price of 0.95 som per share.

According to the sectoral structure of trading volume, the leadership in the volume of transactions is held by securities of companies in the industrial sector, which accounted for 82.1%, services sector for 12.2%, and finance for 5.6%.

Reported by Akchabar (Kyrgyzstan).