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In partnership with Check Point Group, Kyrgyzstan Newsline offers a number of services that bring the information that you and your company needs on Kyrgyzstan (and Central Asia), quickly, cleanly, and painlessly. You will enjoy our easy-to-read presentation, lack of unnecessary language, and strong fact checking. You are guaranteed to have a pleasant reading experience each and every time.

  • The Kyrgyzstan Newsline Daily Digest - guaranteed to be 100% more professionally-edited and easier-to-read than any other English language news source you can find on Kyrgyzstan - at less than 3 euros per day.
  • Exclusive Media Monitoring Analysis Reports - This service is like having your own media investigation team and translation company at your service, all hours of the day and night.
  • TheKyrgyzstan Newsline Archives - you can search our archives now at www.newsline.kz. This service is a treasure if you want an edge through information on Kyrgyzstan. This is the only place on the Internet where you will find more than 12 years of archived Kyrgyzstan news - all in one easy-to-use location
  • Company News Service - The quickest and easiest way you can obtain publicity in Kyrgyzstan. You will own exclusive reprint rights to a 3-page story, with a `teaser` article on the daily digest. You can also be sure that your article is reaching the right people, because it will be distributed to our thousands of readers and trials - around the globe.
  • Instant Monitoring Services - you will receive only the articles on a subject of your choice and nothing else, as they are published, in your personal e-mail box.