Extinction of the snow leopard illustrates the state of nature in Kyrgyzstan


The situation with extinction of the snow leopard shows the state of nature in Kyrgyzstan, said environmental scientist Emil Shukurov.

He spoke at a roundtable with the topic Corruption leads to the destruction of the Red Book species. The Security Council became interested in the problem.

"We all are guilty in the situation with the extinction of the snow leopard because we destroyed the foundations of its existence. The fate of the leopard is the future fate of all Kyrgyz people, because the supporting ecosystem is destroyed in the republic," Shukurov said.

He said that the high-mountainous ecosystems are destroyed throughout the country, except for the upper reaches of the Naryn and the Sary-Jaz. These places are the only areas where leopards continue to multiply. The rest of the territory was left only for stray males.

"This is a very serious signal for the Kyrgyz people. They say that we protect the leopards, they multiply only when the population of the main types of food is restored such as argali and goats, which are also being exterminated. They almost no longer exist on the highlands," added Shukurov.

The ecologist said that there were only 20 percent of lands with intact ecosystems in the country, while at the beginning of independence it was the first in this index among the states of the post-Soviet space.

"This is illiteracy in the relationship with the external environment,” Shukurov concluded.

By Tabyldy Kadyrbekov for Sputnik Kyrgyzstan.