Export of Kyrgyzstan to the EEU countries increased by 27%


Kyrgyzstan cannot export certain products to the Eurasian Economic Union because of its status, Kalysbek Zhumakanov, director of the State Inspection for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Security, said at a meeting of the Business Development and Investment Council.

"We will probably get the same status as Kazakhstan next year. While we cannot export raw products, only processed," he said.

Prime Minister Sapar Isakov added that at the moment the growth of Kyrgyzstan's exports exceeds the import figures, as well as export growth rates in third countries.

"The export to the countries of the EEU increased by 27%, while in the third countries it increased by 8%. Therefore, it is necessary to continue work on the development of internal infrastructure. We need to bring to business the main criteria of technical regulations. It is necessary to involve the strongest trainers for training businessmen on a regular basis," he said.

Earlier, the head of the Suppliers' Association Gulnara Uskenbaeva said that Kyrgyz producers cannot normally exit to the markets of the EEU. There are problems that need to be solved, she said.

In turn, Economy Minister Artem Novikov said that there are problems with entrepreneurs' awareness, product labelling and certificates. "But we have reached an agreement on attracting business and bodies, including from Russia, for cooperation. Entrepreneurs will be able to ask questions to government agencies in the form of video competition," he said.

Reported by Tazabek (Kyrgyzstan).