Minister of Justice of Kyrgyzstan resigns


Uran Akhmetov has stepped down as Minister of Justice of Kyrgyzstan over "lack of understanding of the Ministry's initiatives in the Parliament."

"My resignation is a decision, which was agreed with the Prime Minister. Making reforms in the justice system is impossible without the legislative support, therefore, constructive dialogue between the executive branch and the Parliament, mutual understanding and even similar vision of the goals are very important for reformation of the justice bodies and further development," Akhmetov said.

He said the Ministry had a lot of initiatives on the improvement of the legal environment that required equal participation of the power branches, including the public discussions. "But unfortunately, there were misunderstandings with the Parliament regarding those issues. Therefore, I made this decision," he said.

He said he intends to continue working in the field of law and help implement Taza Koom digital transformation program.

Akhmetov has served as the Justice Minister since November 2016.

Prime Minister Sapar Isakov on Monday has sent a presentation about his resignation to the President.

Reported by AKIpress (Kyrgyzstan).