National Bank forecasts 5.5 percent growth of Kyrgyzstan's GDP in 2018


In 2018, real GDP growth in Kyrgyzstan is expected to amount to 5.5 percent. The report of the National Bank on the monetary policy for the fourth quarter of 2017 says.

It is noted that in 2018 and 2019, Russia’s GDP growth is expected to be about 1.9 percent, and the economy of Kazakhstan 3.3 percent. The dynamics of prices in world commodity markets and the prospects for economic growth in the countries and trade partners continue to form a positive background for the economic development of Kyrgyzstan.

Without Kumtor, Kyrgyzstan’s GDP growth in 2018 will be about 5.2 percent.

The volume of production at the enterprises developing Kumtor is expected to be at the level of 2017. Economic growth will be supported by enterprises in industry, agriculture, trade and construction.

In 2019, real GDP growth is expected to amount to about 4.3, and without Kumtor about 5.5 percent.

By Tatyana Kudryavtseva for