Kyrgyzstan presents report on preserving snow leopard in UN


Kyrgyzstan presented a report on efforts to preserve the snow leopard and its high-mountainous ecosystems at the UN Headquarters in New York. The report was presented by Head of the Kyrgyz State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry Abdykalyk Rustamov.

The International Forum on Protection of Wild Cats is taking place in New York these days.

Rustamov said that the forum on the UN fields will give an additional impetus to the activation of the global efforts aimed at preserving wild cats, including the snow leopard population.

"Today, the conservation and increase effective breeding population of snow leopard is one of the main tasks for all of us. It is gratifying that the world community shares our concern over the danger of the snow leopard extinction" Rustamov said.

Kyrgyzstan also presented collection marks issued on the occasion of World Wildlife Day.

The Kyrgyz delegation hopes that this forum will give an additional impetus to strenghthening of global efforts aimed at preserving wild cats, including the snow leopard population.

UN Deputy Secretary-General, Mrs. Amina J. Mohammed also addressed the forum participants. She stressed that the conservation of biodiversity is in line with many goals of sustainable development and it is a universal duty to take the necessary measures to preserve it.

Mrs. Amina said that if over a century ago up to 100 thousand wild tigers lived in Asia, today their number unfortunately does not exceed 4 thousand. This situation is the same for all big cats. In this regard, Amina Mohammed called on all UN countries to join forces and continue to increase work in preserving the heritage of wildlife.

Reported by Kabar (Kyrgyzstan).