Sapar Isakov instructs to simplify issuance of work permits to foreigners


Prime Minister Sapar Isakov instructed to simplify the issuance of work permits to foreign citizens.

At a meeting dedicated to this issue, he said that there are many complaints from foreign citizens, including investors, entrepreneurs, university employees, that the issuance process is opaque, slow and uncomfortable.

"We attract investors and good teachers to universities, and state bodies do not allow them to develop by harassing them with the process of issuing permits," the prime minister said.

"First of all, it is necessary to make sure that there are no delays in issuing work permits. The government should create the most convenient process in applying for a work permit. Our legislation, our procedures should be attractive to investors. Investments are the engine of the economy, these are tax revenues and new jobs," the prime minister said.

Following the meeting, Isakov instructed in a week's time to work out the issues of simplifying the procedure for issuing work permits.

Reported by Kabar (Kyrgyzstan).