2017 cases of hunting rules violations and poaching in Kyrgyzstan


The State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry (SAEPF) of Kyrgyzstan identified 359 cases of violations of the rules of hunting, poaching and destruction of the plant world in 2017, the press service of the SAEPF reported.

The SAEPF told that the amount of damage was more than 3 mln som.

219 cases were identified in the animal world causing 2 mln 161 thousand 51 som of financial damage and 108 cases amounting to 765 thousand 757 som and other violations of 32 cases for the amount of 152 thousand 58 som.

61 hunting guns were withdrawn across the country, 9 of which were rifled firearms and 52 were smooth-bore weapons. Out of this number, 33 units of weapons were handed over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 9 units were returned to the owners after checking documents and paying penalties in accordance with the Administrative Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. According to 5 cases of violation of environmental legislation written appeals were sent to the General Prosecutor's Office, 37 cases were sent to courts and prosecutors for the amount of 750 thousand 370 som.

In addition, according to a decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on June 18, 2017, a new penalty was approved for claims of damaging wildlife. For a leopard 1.5 mln som, for a red deer 1 mln som, for a bear 1 mln som, for wild sheep 1 mln som, for a capricorn 1 mln som and for a roe deer 50 thousand som.

Reported by Kabar (Kyrgyzstan).