Kyrgyzstan included in list of popular countries among British travelers


Kyrgyzstan was on the list of popular destinations among British travelers, Wanderlust travel magazine reported.

Kyrgyzstan is in the top five best developing areas. Iran, Georgia, Greenland and Montenegro are also included in this list.

The English magazine associated the leading position of Kyrgyzstan with the interest in the Silk Road, the originality of this country - yurts, steppes, lakes, Tien-Shan mountains - and admiration for the amazing culture of Bishkek.

The annual award of the magazine - Wanderlust Reader Travel - is based not only on statistics (the number of Britans who visited this or that country), but also on how much the tourists liked the trip.

The magazine interviewed more than 2,000 of its readers and compiled top-10 best countries for travelling. It turned out that the British prefer to travel far away from the island: their nearest neighbors did not get into the top ten.

The edition also made the top ten most popular countries among British travelers. Canada was in the first place with its Alpine panoramic views, icy deserts and cosmopolitan cities. Then New Zealand, which previously held the championship. Peru is on the third place. Namibia, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Costa Rica, Cambodia and Italy are the next countries loved by the British travellers.

The British editions The Telegraph, The Independent and others in previous years included Kyrgyzstan to the list of 12 countries that must be visited.

Reported by Kabar (Kyrgyzstan).