Power engineers ready for possible overloads due to breakdown at Bishkek HPP


There are no emergency power cutoffs on high-voltage power lines in Bishkek, Severelectro OJSC informed 24.kg news agency.

Electricity is supplied in regular mode. There were only four short cutoffs. The company specified that power engineers are ready to eliminate breakdowns and any abnormal situations. There are 76 emergency brigades: in Bishkek 17, in the Chui region 42, in the Talas region 17.

Severelectro calls do not turn on heaters and use alternative heating sources during peak load hours from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

The company informed that it is ready for a possible overloading of the networks because of the breakdown at Bishkek HPP, but urged the townspeople to use electricity wisely and think about the networks.

The power engineers are deciding how to restore the supply of heating to the houses of Bishkek residents. The situation is aggravated by severe frosts.

Townspeople complain about a drop in temperature in the apartments. The patients of the Vascular Surgery Unit of the National Hospital also complain about low temperature in wards.

By Darya Podolskaya for 24.kg.