President Jeenbekov points out questions that working group for regional development must pay attention to


Speaking at the first meeting of the working group on improvement of the law on local state administrations and local self-governments in Bishkek on January 23, President Sooronbai Jeenbekov voiced questions that the working group must pay attention to.

He highlighted 7 directions, on which the working group must be focused:

1. Get rid of the current subjective approach to distribution of budget, credit, grant assistance leading to imbalance in development of the regions of the country. Updating the criteria and standards for territorial planning is necessary. Not only central power, but also local authorities must be engaged in this work.

2. Credit policy must be conducted taking into account the needs of regions. The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan must add new elements in the monetary policy aimed at the development of regions. Budget and investment resources must be allocated equally taking into account the interests and specificity of each region.

3. Sale and processing of farm produce in the regions must be paid attention. Intensification of construction of processing plants in the region is necessary.

4. Boosting export potential of the regions, creation of their own brands. Support given to farmers is inefficient because of the absence of state marketing and effective management.

5. The regions have similar problems: lack of clean drinking water, poor irrigation system, shortage of schools, hospitals, kindergartens, poor roads, poor service and etc. Sanitation and clean drinking water supply are very crucial issues to address.

6. Revision of the system of state administration and local self-government at the regional and local levels is necessary. The powers of local governments are limited. They need more powers to increase their responsibilities.

7. There have been many cases when local councils demonstrated their inability and helplessness in electing the heads of villages or mayors of cities. There were even such cases when a chairman of the local council could not in any way be elected. Conducting new elections requires money and time. The election of the head of local government turns into games. Such cases took place in Kara-Balta and Jalal-Abad. If the members of local councils  are unable to address local issues, there is a need to introduce direct government, which is envisaged in the legislation, but has not yet been applied. Apparently, it's time to use this management tool.

Reported by AKIpress (Kyrgyzstan)