Iranian diplomat opens charm offensive in Kyrgyzstan


Iran and Kyrgyzstan intend to establish bilateral relations in a number of industries. To implement this goal, the parties signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the plan for the next 10 years.

Ambassador of Iran to the Kyrgyz Republic Ali Mojtaba Ruzbehani during a meeting with journalists on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries said that in the first place this agreement provides for the development of economic relations and the increase in trade turnover between the parties.

"We signed a long-term agreement on 10-year cooperation, which provides for the development of bilateral relations in all areas. But the main emphasis is on the development of trade and economic relations. We have a great will to implement it, and we are optimistic," the ambassador said.

He also pointed out that Kyrgyzstan has great potential in tourism, and the diplomatic mission of Iran will carry out all sorts of activities to attract tourists from among its compatriots.

"Kyrgyzstan has a great potential in the sphere of tourism, and we will be able to attract our compatriots to your fertile land. You have a great future in this direction. Iran also has its own opportunities in terms of medical and other types of tourism, which may also interest Kyrgyz people to visit our country," the ambassador added.

He stressed that, they are making every effort to activate this industry, as evidenced by the measures taken to launch direct flights between Iran and Kyrgyzstan.

Iranian businessmen are interested in setting up joint ventures and funds in Kyrgyzstan, but the lack of banking cooperation between the two countries impedes the realization of such ideas, Ruzbehani said.

He said that the cooperation in the banking sphere made progress only last year.

"We hope that in the near future cooperation in this field will yield its results. We are sure that if the banking cooperation resumes, the trade turnover will also increase many times, which stimulates the arrival of businessmen from Iran," the ambassador said.

He added that Iran's technical service companies are recognized around the world, and they are implementing many projects in different countries.

"These companies are interested in participating in infrastructure projects in Kyrgyzstan. If they feel Kyrgyzstan's interest in their activities, they will be only happy," the diplomat said.

For his part, he expressed readiness to support all initiatives that could positively affect the development of economic relations between the two states, including the idea of creating an Iranian bank in Kyrgyzstan.

To date, the volume of trade between Kyrgyzstan and the Islamic Republic of Iran makes only $ 22-23 million a year, but the parties express interest in strengthening economic relations, Ruzbehani observed.

He said that over the past four years there has been a decline in trade between the countries, but this situation received a new impetus last year.

"There has been some recovery in economic relations since last year, but it's too early to rejoice. The presidents of the two countries gave instructions to the relevant departments to increase the turnover. In this regard, some barriers have been removed. The Kyrgyz side abolished the procedure for obtaining a visa, which increased the flow of tourists from Iran and aroused the interest of our businessmen to visit Kyrgyzstan," the ambassador said.

He also noted that banking cooperation between the two countries gives hope for an increase in the volume of trade.

"If the banking cooperation is resumed, it will increase the trade turnover between the two countries. Last year, we held a series of events, during which we urged our big businessmen to study the investment opportunities of Kyrgyzstan. They participated in different business areas, and they saw certain prospects," the ambassador said.

But, the diplomat stressed that Iranian businessmen were confused by two issues: the difficulty for carrying out banking operations and the problem of purchasing goods from Kyrgyzstan. In this regard, the ambassador said, the government of Iran issued a resolution on optimizing the purchase of goods from Kyrgyzstan.

Reported by Kabar (Kyrgyzstan).