President of Kyrgyzstan names threats to country's security


President Sooronbai Jeenbekov congratulated employees of the national security agencies on a professional holiday, the Information Policy Department of the President’s Office reported.

“In today’s complex, rapidly changing situation in the country and the world, amid the new global threats and challenges that our society is facing, your contribution to strengthening the foundations of the state, ensuring the safety of our fellow citizens, combating terrorism and extremism, corruption cannot be overestimated,” the president noted. “Your work requires special personal qualities, a staunch belief in righteousness and conviction that the interests of the state are above all else.”

According to the president, veterans of the national security bodies, whose experience and wisdom inspire young employees, deserve special honours today.

“Unfortunately, in our region there are still threats that could destabilise the peace of our society and state. Terrorism and religious extremism, corruption and drug trafficking are still an immediate threat to national security,” the head of state said. “We need to strengthen the state border and root out the causes that cause the possibility of damaging the security of the country. It is extremely important to continue work on combating terrorism, extremism and corruption. I am confident that your dedication and professionalism will continue to serve as a guarantee of the peace of our citizens, and the effectiveness of your concerted actions will continue to improve the national security system of Kyrgyzstan.”

By Anastasia Mokrenko for