President Sadyr Japarov meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping


President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov met in Beijing with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the press service of the Kyrgyz President reported.

The two leaders discussed topical issues and prospects for bilateral relations in the political, trade and economic spheres, as well as attracting investments in major joint projects.

Xi Jinping highly appreciated the contribution of Sadyr Japarov to the development of Kyrgyz-Chinese cooperation, stressing that in the 30 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kyrgyzstan and China, the comprehensive strategic partnership between the countries has reached an unprecedented level.

The Chinese leader noted that major political and economic reforms have been carried out in Kyrgyzstan under the leadership of Sadyr Japarov, and a tough fight against corruption is being waged.

He added that China has been and remains a reliable friend and neighbour for Kyrgyzstan, expressing confidence in the further strengthening of ties for the benefit of the two peoples.

The Chinese president noted the readiness to import environmentally friendly products from Kyrgyzstan and cooperate in the field of energy.

Xi Jinping stressed the need for a phased resumption of air traffic between countries and an increase in cargo traffic, taking into account the adoption of anti-COVID measures. In particular, the need of expanding the capacity of the Torugart and Irkeshtam checkpoints.

He also noted the importance of building the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway and intensifying cooperation between the three countries, which is very important for all of Central Asia.

The Chinese president said that the Chinese side decided to provide Kyrgyzstan with an additional 5 million doses of coronavirus vaccines and 50 million yuan in security assistance, expressing its readiness to expand cooperation in various fields.

In turn, Sadyr Japarov noted the symbolism of this meeting, which takes place in the year of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kyrgyzstan and China and the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Good Neighbourliness, Friendship and Cooperation between the countries.

In this regard, the Kyrgyz president expressed confidence that these negotiations will give a new impetus to the further development of the Kyrgyz-Chinese relations of comprehensive strategic partnership, and the reached agreements will lay the foundation for further interaction in the coming years.

He expressed the interest of the Kyrgyz side in the implementation of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway project.

Sadyr Japarov also touched upon the issues of passing products and vehicles through the Torugart and Irkeshtam checkpoints, emphasising the need to continue work on improving the efficiency of "green corridors" across the Kyrgyz-Chinese border for the smooth import and export of goods.

He also focused on a number of projects that the Kyrgyz side is interested in implementing jointly with Chinese companies on the basis of public-private partnership.

Sadyr Japarov supported the intensification of cooperation in the energy sector.

In addition, in order to stimulate new projects in relevant sectors of the economy, he proposed the creation of a Kyrgyz-Chinese Investment Fund with a total capital of USD 1 billion, which could finance bilateral projects in the field of small and medium-sized businesses.

The Kyrgyz president highly appreciated the grant assistance provided by the Chinese government on an ongoing basis for the implementation of socio-economic projects in Kyrgyzstan.

Sadyr Japarov added that in Kyrgyzstan, on the basis of a Chinese grant, the reconstruction of irrigation networks was carried out and it is planned to start the relevant work this spring, which is especially important in light of the coming period of low water in Central Asia.

Further, the president noted the importance of resuming regular flights between the countries to launch a number of investment projects on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, which were suspended until the epidemiological situation improves.

Concluding the conversation, Sadyr Japarov invited Xi Jinping to visit Kyrgyzstan.

Reported by Kabar.