Business delegation from Iran arrives in Kyrgyzstan


The Iran-Kyrgyzstan business forum is being held in Bishkek on July 22.

A business delegation from Iran arrived in Kyrgyzstan to participate in the forum.

During the opening of the forum, President of the KSPP Danil Ibraev said that more than 100 companies from Kyrgyzstan and 43 companies from Iran are taking part in the event.

Ibraev also said that soon a trading house of Iran will be opened in Kyrgyzstan.

“Work is underway to move from a temporary agreement on free trade between the EAEU and Iran to a permanent one,” he added.

The President of the KSPP added that within the framework of the Expo held in Tehran, Kyrgyzstan and Iran agreed to create an electronic platform for the exchange of commodity information.

He also added that the opening of the Bandar-Abbas-Osh transport corridor is possible in the near future.

“Tariffs for 800 commodity items between our countries are lower than those for other countries,” he said.

During his speech, Iranian Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Said Kharrazi expressed the hope that such business forums will be held on an ongoing basis.

“The policy of all Iranian government was aimed at developing trade and economic relations with all countries. I would like to note that the future government has the same goals,” the ambassador said.

He recalled that there is a temporary agreement on a free trade zone between Iran and the EAEU.

“After the signing of the agreement, the trade turnover between Iran and the EAEU increased by 30-40%,” the ambassador added.

The ambassador spoke about the existence of some barriers that need to be removed.

According to him, the barriers are related to the rules and legislation existing in the two countries. Also, some trade and economic restrictions are associated with the geographic location of Iran and Kyrgyzstan and international circumstances, in the form of sanctions.

As an example of existing barriers, the ambassador cited the example of the absence of banking relations between the countries, the lack of information on investment projects.

"Such restrictions and shortcomings must be eliminated through the work of the governments of the two countries," he said.

The ambassador expressed hope that the business communities of Iran and Kyrgyzstan will contribute to the removal of trade and economic barriers between the countries.

“We hope to organise a corridor from Osh to Bandar Abass, which will lead to an improvement in trade and economic relations between the countries,” he said.

The ambassador also added that he hopes for the help of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan in opening the Iranian Trade House in Kyrgyzstan.

During his speech, Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance Aydin Sharsheev expressed hope that the outcome of the business forum would be the conclusion of agreements and contracts between representatives of the business community of Iran and Kyrgyzstan.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the Kyrgyz economy, 45% of GDP is SMEs,” he said.

The deputy minister added that within the framework of the execution of presidential decrees on the protection of business, the Cabinet of Ministers is carrying out relevant work.

“The Ministry of Investment is open for cooperation in order to support investors,” he added.

The deputy minister informed that over the past 5 years, the trade turnover between Iran and Kyrgyzstan has quadrupled. Of these, exports increased 4.3 times and imports 3.8 times.

He also added that there is potential to increase trade between countries.

“If we take imports from Iran, then these are various food products, construction materials and high-tech equipment and the chemical industry. If we take export from Kyrgyzstan, these are beans, nuts, lamb meat,” he said.

He added that according to the Ministry of Agriculture, up to 50 thousand tonnes of beans, 100 tonnes of honey and 25 thousand tonnes of mutton can be exported to Iran annually.

“This is only a small part of the sectors where we can cooperate with Iran,” he said.

Reported by Tazabek (Kyrgyzstan).